Current Project Status

The Whizz-80 computer project is currently under slow and steady development. What that means is that the pace of the project is quite slow as I’m building this in my spare time.

A few of the hardware modules have already been designed and a few of them even built but as of yet I don’t have any documentation. No software has been written yet, except for a ‘hello world’ to test the EEPROM loading. Writing documentation is hard :)

Over the next couple of weeks I intend on uploading part of the design as well as some of the hardware that has been implemented already.

If you wish to contribute or want to help the project in any way then please feel free to get in touch with me.

Project members

The Whizz80 project currently consists of 1 lonely member:

Name Role
Phil Howlett Project Creator and Lead

Project Sources

All of the project’s source code, schematics, documentation, etc are hosted in a Github repository

Feel free to ‘fork’ the above repositories if you want to contribute to any of the code or documentation. Pull requests are most welcome.