Here are a collection of reference websites, books, other sources that I have collected while working on the Whizz80. Some of these references have been quite valuable (especially with some of the physical books), and some of the websites have heavily influenced the design.


Website Description Home of the Z80 CPU. The official support page for the z80 CPU. This is a great site to start at wanting to know everything about the z80 CPU


Title Author Description
How to Program the z80 Rodnay Zaks This is probably the best book I have found on programming in z80 code. You can obtain a scanned PDF of the book from the site. I also obtained a hardcopy of this book which has been quite helpful.
Z80-Assembly Language Programming Manual Zilog.Inc This is a great reference book on the assembly language from the manufacturer themselves. I have a physical rather than an electronic copy of this book.