Development Workflow Setup


Yikes! It has been over a year since I updated this build log. I was hoping to be a little bit more pro-active with the update of my entries.

I've now got a dedicated electronics workspace in my home now, away from the general office. The advantage is now I don't have to tear down and 'put away' my electronics when I finish for the night. The downside is that I don't have a computer for the workbench, as the iMac needs to stay in the office and do other 'administrative' tasks. There is also the fear of plugging in one of my electronic 'experiments' into the iMac and blowing it up (a rather expensive mistake to make). The solution for me was to use a raspberry pi! I already had an old LCD television 24" Soniq) with HDMI input.

So now I'm running raspbian (stretch) on my Raspberry pi (Model 3B) using the i3 tiling window manager. It is taking up very little space on my workbench (space is a premium) and so far it is working quite well and I am very happy with the way it is working. I'm trying to keep things as 'command line only' as I can. The only exceptions so far has been a web browser and a PDF viewer, everything else is via a terminal.

Since I'm also doing most of the development work on the pi, I've had to change assembler from zasm to tpasm because the I couldn't get the zasm assembler compiled on the pi. I suspect it has to do with running on an ARM processor rather than and Intel, but I never really sorted it out, and at this early in the development of the Whizz80 its just easier to switch to something that works on both the pi and the iMac.

I've also got a new Synology NAS which I am using as a git repository between the iMac and the pi. It allows me to practice git commands (and learning how to rebase properly). Of course there will be a repository on github as well.

Hopefully the next update will be a bit sooner than the last one.

  • Setup electronics workbench with a raspberry pi as my workstation.
  • Switched assembler from zasm to tpasm.
  • git repositories to sync and backup source code.

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